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When it comes to lighting fixtures online, Siga Home Comforts online shop is the best place to search. With different modern chandeliers online, crystal chandeliers, dining room chandeliers, and more, you will be sure to find a modern option that fits perfectly with the style and decor in your home. But with so many rooms in the home and different options to choose from how do you ensure you’re picking the right light fixture? Siga Home Comforts professional designers can offer their expertise in choosing chandelier fixtures for every room in the home as well as ensuring the different pieces seamlessly match from room to room - a technique that is especially important for open-concept homes.

From the entryway to the kitchen and everything else in between, a light fixture can often set the tone of the home. What’s more, a modern chandelier can enhance any room in the home making the room appear more elegant. But the question is, how to choose the right chandelier for the right room - You may be wondering: how big? How small? Should the chandelier have crystals etc? Siga Home Comfort is here to help.


The first step is understanding the function of your light fixture or chandelier. For an entryway, this is the space that first enamours new guests into your home. So installing a unique crystal chandelier or modern fixture can really help illuminate the space. Here, it’s also important to note the height of your chandelier, because people will be walking through it’s important that no one is close to bumping into the piece as they walkthrough.

Dining Room Chandeliers

For dining room chandeliers you can decide between a modern lighting solution that is either simple and sophisticated or shiny and exotic. If your dining area is a large open-concept room, opting for a more modern pendant as a statement piece in the centre of the table is usually a better option. Whereas crystal chandeliers often look best in a more closed off room with it as the focal point. In order to determine the size of your light fixture, the rule of thumb is to often choose a chandelier that is around half to two-thirds of your table length. With long dining room tables, wide chandeliers are often the best piece to choose from, while circle dining room tables look best with crystal chandeliers. 


Home is where the heart is, and the heart is often in the kitchen of the home. Enhance your everyday kitchen with a simple, yet modern light fixture. Here we recommend opting for a smaller chandelier that makes a statement but doesn’t take over the entirety of the room. Don’t forget to leave enough space between the fixture and seating area.

Buying modern chandeliers online doesn’t have to be limited to your dining room, modern and crystal chandeliers can enhance any space in your home. Entryway light fixtures, bedroom chandeliers, and stairwell chandeliers are amongst other popular spaces in the home that could benefit from a lighting upgrade. Find yours today with Siga Home Comfort!


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