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How to Choose the Right Chandelier for Your Condo

Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Right Chandelier for Your Condo

Style your home with the best Chandeliers Toronto

Chandliers in Toronto are one of the unique decor elements introduced to any home. There are many options available from online lighting stores which can make choosing the right one for your space, fumctionallity, and personal style a challenge. Choosing a chandelier for your Toronto home can be tricky given how you do not want to sophisticate your home with a chandelier that wouldn't go with your style. To make sure your guests are impressed by your choice of the chandelier, it's important you choose a chandelier for your house or condo that enhances the design and layout of your home. 

Types of Crystal Chandeliers

Usually which type of condo chandelier is required for a room confuses people the most. The key here is to ensure that the chandelier you are thinking of purchasing is blending well with the interior style of your room.

Modern chandelier style: Cutting-edge chandeliers were designed more for functionality and less for aesthetical look, modern chandeliers are also no exception to that. These chandeliers are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. 

Contemporary chandelier style: Perfect for people who have an acquired taste because the chandeliers in this category are usually cutting edge and require some kind of intellect to comprehend the meaning. The contemporary chandelier is the kind of chandelier which has been reimagined to fit into the current world.

Rustic chandelier design: These chandeliers usually feature the classic Edison-aged bulbs and have a simple structural design as far as the intricate design of chandeliers is concerned. Usually made with materials like wood, iron, and even wrought, rustic chandeliers are perfect for people who prefer simplicity and minimalism. 

Craftsmen chandelier design: If you are in search of chandeliers from the past, then you might want to look at craftsmen-styled chandelier designs. These chandeliers will have metals and glasses as materials and would look quite old considering the current market.


Following are some of the guidelines of what you should know before choosing crystal Chandeliers in Toronto.

  1. The location - The first order of businesss is to decide is where you should hang your chandelier. You can hang a mini-chandelier in your kitchen or bathtub or even your bedroom for a romantic feel. While chandeliers are typically used for enteryway, stairway, or living room lighting, these light fixtures in Toronto have no real limits to where they can be used. But, deciding where you will install your chandlier will help you pick all the other details of the light fixture.
  2. Select the Size - Generally, chandelier lighting fixtures Toronto look better with a bigger size. In order to pick the right size of the chandelier, it is important you measure the length as well as the width of the room in feet and add both measurements together. Whatever that number is, convert it to inches, and you can match it with the diameter of the chandelier. For example if you're looking for kitchen light fixtures in Toront, and your room measures 12 feet by 12 feet, you w should look for a crystal chandelier with an approximate diameter of 24 inches. If you need help selecting a light fixture for any room in your home from our online lighting store, you can contact Siga Home Comfort directly for personalized support. 
  3. Choose a Style - The chandelier that you choose should go with the overall styke of your house; hence it is important you carefully match it. Picking up a different style of chandelier may create a shabby look, so do check it out carefully before purchasing it. If you have an elegant or contemporary asthetic you can choose from minimalistic or extravagent modern crystal chandeliers from our online selection.
  4. Selecting the Height - Do make sure you adjust the height of the chandelier. Try to remove any chains or extra wire from the ceiling. So, make sure you adjust the length properly so that it does not look messy. To make sure your light fixture is installed at an approriate length you can pick a crystal chandelier with an adjustable chain. Be warry of what will be or who will be underneath your light fixtures like tables and adjust accordingly for appropriate clearence. In general a chandelier should not be hung less than 30-32 inches above a table.
  5. Budget - Chandeliers vary in price depending on their material and style. Usually, the modern chandeliers happen to be quite intricate when it comes to design but come in various budgets. Modern chandeliers Toronto can get you more designs at a variety of prices. 

These are some points you should definitely take care of while choosing a  chandelier for your Condo or House.

Crystal Chandeliers Toronto

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