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Welcome to Siga Home Comfort’s vanity lighting in Canada. Here we have a collection of our newest and best modern products to customize your dream bathroom. Whether you’re doing a complete renovation of your home, only fixing the bathrooms or simply focusing on only one bathroom in the home, we have bathroom vanity lights for any kind of home improvement project. With home improvements, often you focus on one thing at a time. But with bathroom upgrades, the lighting is usually the first step in fixing up your space. That’s because bathroom vanity lights help direct and set the tone of your bathroom, while also incorporating functionality. But before deciding on the light fixtures you want to install, here are a few things you should know about vanity lighting in Canada.

Understanding Your Bathroom Lighting Needs

Whether it’s the powder room or master bathroom, understanding the lighting needs can help narrow down your decision when choosing vanity lights. But before getting into the details of your bathroom lighting, it’s important to understand the different ways to light up a room.

Ambient lighting - usually a ceiling light that helps light up an entire space

Task lighting - this illumination is focused on the individual completing a certain task like applying makeup or getting ready

Accent Lighting - this type of light is an add-on to help brighten dark corners and small spaces

For example, a powder room usually only has one sink and one mirror and doesn’t normally require bright fluorescent lighting, instead a softer ambient light might work best here. While the master bathroom will often have two sinks and two mirrors and its function requires bright lighting, so having a mixture of all three lighting types works well in the space. Understanding your bathroom lighting needs can help you determine the type of light fixture, the brightness, and its style to help you create the perfect lighting for your bathrooms.

Vanity Lighting

When it comes to vanity lighting in Canada, task lighting is usually most-preferred. That’s because individuals will use their bathroom vanity space to apply makeup, do their hair, and any other self-care needs. Placing detailed light fixtures above or on either side of the mirror is the perfect way to enhance your bathroom lighting while also making a detailed design statement. Depending on the size of the space, could change where you place your lights. For smaller vanities, we prefer an overhead lighting fixture above the mirror to make the most out of your space.

Regardless of your space, how many bathrooms you’re upgrading, or your personal design preferences, Siga Home Comfort is ready to give you expert advice, home decor design ideas, and more to help you create a beautiful home. Browse through our Silhouette, Ice Glaze, or Diamond bathroom vanity lights at our online store to learn more about the different options available.


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